01 de Enero, 2018


Summer School on Mine Planning

The aim is to bring students closer, from a critical point of view, to the approaches of the different stages involved in mining planning, both open-pit and underground mining, placing special emphasis on existing modern modeling techniques and how these can help generate the best productive mining business.The course combines theoretical and practical aspects, based on the most recent planning methodologies, using the software developed in Delphos laboratory.

01 de Julio, 2017


Mini-course on Applied Stochastic Optimization

This was a three-day introductory course on Stochastic Programming given by Prof. Laureano Escudero, of Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, in Spain. The course was attended by 30 participants from different cities in Chile and Peru. The course was primarily targeted at graduate students interested in research related to optimization under uncertainty. More than 50% of participants were Mining Engineering Students, many of whom arstarting research projects as part of their dissertations, with the DEPLAMIN project.

03 de Mayo, 2018


Visit El Teniente mine

El Teniente Mine is one of the largest underground operation in the world. It consists of several small mines that share transportation and processing. In the visit, the team visited the Esmeralda mine, were they could watch different activities like: train transportation and operation, construction of tunnels and material handling in ore passes. They also visited an equipment teleoperation room.   The visit allowed some of the team researchers new to Mine Planning to obtain first-hand experience from a real mine, and the complexity of its operation. This will...

19 de Abril, 2018

Seminars and workshops

Workshop mine planning

We hosted an open workshop, attended by over 80 mine planning practitioners, in order to share with the industry the most recent academic advances on subjects pertaining to the DEPLAMIN project. The event included a panel discussion and social activities where practitioners, academic researchers and students, were able to meet, know what the others are doing, and exchange ideas and opinions regarding advances in the field.

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